My name is Jonathan

I’m a web designer developer enthusiast adventurer wanderer explorer tinkerer artisan
currently based in Berlin Wide angle shot of the Berlin TV tower

I love music, audio, traveling
and demystifying programming

I know Kung Fu.

Oh and I have chronic tinnitus

Here's a few things I've done written designed composed implemented photographed

In no particular order:

By the way,
I've designed and built this website from scratch

Cool huh?

Hey if I can do it, so can you!

Build this website yourself!

All you need are a:

  • brain
  • computer
  • code editor
  • hot beverage
  • keyboard Usually comes with the computer

So grab a tea, a gin, a chai, a beer, a soda, an ale, an IPA, a lager, a stout, a coffee, a matcha, a whisky, a porter, a kombucha, an iced tea, a cold brew, a Club Mate™, a kellerbier, an Aperol Spritz™, a Guaraná Antártica™,
sit on your comfy chair and click on the button 👇

It shouldn't take long, promise!

Say hi!

I'd love to hear from you :)

We can also chat guitar pedals or beer!

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